Cali Jewelers is a Wholesale and Manufacturer for fine custom jewelry and grillz. The family business started in 1992, with almost 30 years of highly qualified experience in diamond, silver, gold and natural gemstone merchandise. All of our merchandise is intricately made in house from start to finish, providing our clients the finest standards and service. We offer the leading prices for quality in custom pendants, rings, grillz and much more. Our team offers our top knowledge in the leading trends in custom jewelry, and up to date, innovative, one on one customer service. We offer the option at checkout of adding a GIA certified appraisal for all of our diamond work.

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Here at Cali Jewelers we offer a unique jeweler to client relationship that brings stability and security to all.

We recognized there are many jewelers and finding one that delivers superior standards is quite difficult. That’s where we come in. Our family has thrived in this industry by simply doing just that. Here at Cali Grillz we offer an accessible & unique balance between luxury, quality, and prices. Click below to get to meet Cali by Cali Jewelers.

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Our experts in custom jewelry ensure top quality and innovative methods for bringing your imagination to life. We work closely with our designers, casters, and setters using cutting edge technology and up to date softwares for all custom jewelry orders. Click the link below to kick start transforming your unique imaginations into luxury jewelry...

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The Cali Jewelers team is here to eliminate all doubts our clients might have. We teach our customers all there is to know about diamonds, gold, and natural gemstones to ensure 100% customer satisfaction before purchase. For more information click below to get the 411 on all you need to know about jewelry.