Custom Jewelry

How It Works

Step 1: Mapping Out The Design

Here at Cali Jewelers we like to ensure customer satisfaction by taking our clients along every step of the way of creating their unique custom jewelry. We first start by contacting our clients on a one on one basis to get to know their vision of their desired custom work. We begin the design process after gaining an understanding of the budget, desired karat gold, diamond quality, dimensions, and font choice. For those that are unfamiliar with what font they would like to choose we strongly encourage them to select a font from or ask for our opinion. We are happy to help. 

Step 2: Designing Your Custom Piece

We work very closely with our highly skilled designers to ensure the desired outcome. This process takes about 2-3 days, once it's complete you will be provided with a detailed CAD file/visual that represents desired design along with carat weight, size, color, etc.

Step 3: Approval & Wax

At this point we will discuss your thoughts of the CAD file and pricing. If for any reason the CAD file does not come out exactly as you desire we will rework the design until it is of your satisfaction. Once we receive the approval to continue we will print the wax in preparation for casting.

Step 4: Casting & Setting

Once the wax is printed by our 3D printing system, our goldsmiths will cast your gold and hand set your diamonds with care and diligence. Diamond setting is the longer part of our crafting process, as we refuse to rush it in order to ensure uttermost premium quality.

Step 5: Polishing & Delivery

After stone setting, the intricately made custom piece is polished, revealing optimal brilliance. Upon that, it goes immediately to delivery preparations where we present you with your beautiful imagination transformed into custom jewelry.

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