Mold Kit
Mold Kit
Mold Kit

Mold Kit

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The mold kit is used to take impressions of your teeth. You will receive two types of putty, a tray and an instructions sheet on how to do your mold. Once completed by you or your dentist, you can send it back our way while we create your custom grill- fit perfectly to your teeth.

What's Included:
Impression Kit (per kit)
- 1x Green Putty
- 1x White Putty
- 1 x Blue Tray
- 1 x Plastic Bag
- 1 x Pink Slip HOW TO DO A MOLD

Customer Reviews

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Chu Chu

Mold Kit

Ordered July 1st. Still no grills - it’s 8/24.

I had two bad molds and was told the top was done but the bottom was no good. Ordered another bottom and asked to please send top. Still nothing and I’ve emailed several times w no response. About to request a refund like it’s going on months now….

Mike Morello Morello
Thumbs down

Well I followed the video on how to do the mold kit.. then mailed it back..get a email 2 weeks later saying I neeed to buy another .. because wasn't able to make my grill from one I sent in.. asked for my money back ...cali grillz didn't want to give money back.. said I only can use it for store credit.. said no returns on grillz.. they didn't even make it yet!!! Filled dispute with PayPal and got my money back..

Davion Wade
Princess cut vs2 14k

Amazing! I love the way everything lines up on each end, I’m able to talk normal and clear

Johnnie Minor
Gold grill

I love it !!

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